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We need solid supporters to take on 2017

and give extra power to our punch!

Be part of the solution! Become a member of Animal Voice!

We invite our supporters to become members of Animal voice - a once off membership donation and if possible monthly debit order donations. This will give us the backing we need in order to accomplish all we have planned for 2017.


We ask you, our supporters to stand behind by giving us the means to act on your behalf in doing all we can to lessen the suffering of our fellow sentient beings,  in as many ways as possible.

Apart from knowing you are a part of each campaign we do 

what else do you get from being a member?

once we have a few members, we will set up a page on our website called "SUPPORTERS" this page will show case all of you who have donated - personally or corporate - this page will be shared and advertised on a monthly basis on our face book page sporting over 5000 members - 

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