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Compassion in World Farming (SA) condemns the turmoil,

torment and terror that animals are subjected to at auction markets across South Africa.

Ironically, it was on World Animal Day  - 16th October - that these animals were auctioned at a market in Swellendam, Western Cape,  similar to this one ( see video below)

Crammed into a bakkie and trailer by their new owner, they were passing through Ashton,  headed for Cape Town, when the big boar jumped out of the trailer on the R62.

Winelands SPCA asked veterinary surgeon Dr Yvonne Robson who lives in Ashton to assist with the crisis.

The SPCA had arranged for the fire brigade to come and hose down the over-heated animals (it was well over 30 degrees centigrade and all the animals were suffering from serious heat stress).  They also asked the police to attend because the owner of the animals did not want to release one of the sheep which had a fractured femur - the owner had loaded the sheep into the bakkie knowing it’s leg was broken but apparently was unconcerned.

Despite a further request by Dr Robson, the police failed to arrive. Dr Robson then proceeded to confiscate the injured sheep and the  SPCA inspector found a horse box in which to transport the boar to overnight shelter at the SPCA.

“This was one small incident,” said Dr Robson, “but  ALL the animals involved were suffering.  How many other animals left that auction under similar circumstances?  It’s a  huge welfare issue.”

Editor’s note:

We believe that when abattoirs become obsolete, we will celebrate our triumph and will find peace as a species.  In the meantime, we will do all we can to lessen the suffering of our fellow beings who are caught up in the industrial profit-driven meat machine.