December 2015

Working towards a more compassionate world through education and advocacy

Increasing our Compassionate Footprint

December 2015

Animal Voice magazine is a voice for the voiceless.  We expose the truth behind animal injustices in South Africa, as well as shine a light on the brave activists who  make a difference  to the lives of animals.  Animal Voice is the only national magazine in South Africa dedicated to achieving better lives for farmed animals through consumer awareness and their buying power.


Humane Education’s Caring Classrooms programme provides resources and presents workshops aimed at awakening a sense of empathy and developing core values in learners.  By rekindling the spirit of care and respect for all life, learners find a new sense of  self-esteem and confidence.  Workshops are aslo aimed at reducing teacher stress and dealing with the problems around bullying. Our programme is curriculum-aligned and SETA accredited.   “How we treat animals and how we treat each other are two stems that grow from the same root. If there are thorns of neglect, contempt or cruelty on one, we can be sure to find them  on the other”  - Ronald Swartz.


Compassion in World Farming (South Africa) concentrates on the welfare of farmed animals. We work at government and retail level to achieve improvements for farmed animals and put an end to cruel factory farming. We create awareness about industrialised farming, empowering consumers  to make a difference through their buying power. We engage industry, farmer organizations and retailers in finding solutions and alternatives to the inhumane system of factory farming.   In doing so we bring about better lives for farmed animals.

Animal Voice is a non profit organisation

and relies solely on donations & sponsorship.

ANIMAL VOICE is the umbrella organisation for HUMANE EDUCATION 

and is the official representative of  COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING South Africa

We have a three-pronged approach:


Every step forward that we have taken this year in our endeavours for better lives for non-human beings has been made possible by the generosity of our supporters. We thank each of you! 



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