December  2015

Working towards a more compassionate world through education and advocacy

Increasing our Compassionate Footprint

December 2015

So will the citizens of Cape Town support their Mayor’s stand for animal welfare? Will they take a first step and go Cage Free for laying hens?


To gauge the level of support for Mayor de Lille, Compassion in World Farming (South Africa) approached Renee Buerger, Building Facilities Manager at the Civic Centre and asked if the vendors in the Food Court would be encouraged to use only cage-free eggs in all their ready-made meals for the thousands of city staff and visitors who walk through the concourse every day. Mrs Beurger said it was up to Compassion to convince the food court vendors to go cage-free.  

Compassion set to work with a presentation to convince the vendors!


Wow! 100% of vendors climbed on board – no persuasion required!


As one vendor put it: “It’s horrifying to find out how battery eggs are produced”


And another: “The Mother City will lead by example. Cape Town is a City with Heart!

THANK YOU Windmeul Eggs and James The Freeranger for helping to make this initiative viable!

Who will be next to SIGN UP to THE CAGE-FREE PLEDGE?

If you own or work at a Cape Town company/business/institution, we’ll be knocking on your door soon enough! OR you could pre-empt our knock and invite Compassion in World Farming (South Africa)  to give a Going Cage-Free presentation  in support of Mayor de Lille.   Email Louise on to set a date.

Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth - Will your City NEXT?

Mr Kim Abrahams is one of the shop owners at the Civic Centre Food Court. By going cage free, he opens the cage door to 180 hens.