December  2015

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December 2015

One of factory farming’s most abusive practices, the sow stall for pregnant pigs is being phased out around the world.  In South Africa, a half-hearted phase-out is scheduled to kick in only on 1st January 2020 when a partial ban on sow stalls will come into effect.

Animal Voice

In terms of this phase-out, according to the South African Pork Producers Organisation, as from 1st January 2020, pregnant pigs will ...


  • spend the first part of their pregnancies  (up to 8 weeks) in stalls

  • spend the second half of their pregnancies in groups or pens

Says CIWF(SA)’s Louise van der Merwe:

“Eight weeks – unable to move backwards or forwards or sideways – is an eternity for this highly sentient animal. The torment, misery, frustration  that they so clearly demonstrate in their little cubicles of deprivation, is unacceptable whether it be for eight weeks or 16 weeks. How outrageously narcissistic of the human race to think it can inflict this torment on an animal for the sake of the taste of bacon and ham.”


Meanwhile, a showdown is looming 

In mid-November, the NSPCA issued a Media Statement alerting consumers to shocking footage obtained by the NSPCA of gassing pigs before slaughter at the Pork Packers abattoir.


Pigs are thought to have an intelligence beyond that

of a 3 year old child

According to the statement: “The process involves caged pigs being mechanically dropped into a pit (also known as a Gondola System) which is pre-filled with carbon dioxide (CO2). This gondola gas system is remotely managed by Butina, an offsite Danish company. After minutes of exposure to the CO2, the pigs suffocate as a result of the lack of oxygen. But until they lose consciousness the pigs experience panic-like symptoms...”


The NSPCA proposed changing the gas in the pit from a noxious gas, such as CO2, to an inert gas like argon or a combination of argon and CO2 which would render the animals unconscious without the stress and panic of suffocation. According to its Media Statement, this proposal was submitted to Tiger Brands and Pork Packers and was rejected.



... between commercial pig farmers and the NSPCA. Marcelle Meredith, CEO of the NSPCA, is adamant! “Never mind 2020," she said. "If we find a pig in a stall/crate after 31st December next year (2016), we will prosecute!”​

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