March 2016

Working towards a more compassionate world through education and advocacy

Increasing our Compassionate Footprint

March 2016

has generated a new look at the old adage 

we are what we eat. 

The World Peace Diet has been translated into 16 languages and focuses on the unrecognized connections between our culture, our food, and the source of disease and misery. Animal Voice editor Louise van der Merwe caught up with Dr Tuttle during his stay.

The World Peace Diet - Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony was published 10 years ago and became an Amazon #1 best seller in March, 2010.  Author Will Tuttle is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Award.

He is also editor of the newly-released book, Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of

ANIMAL VOICE based many of the questions posed to Dr Tuttle in this article on an episode of the podcast On Being, hosted by Krista Tippet and titled The Evolution of Medicine.

interview with Dr Will Tuttle

Animal Voice:

A podcast of a recent discussion among eminent physicians suggests that a transformation in medicine is underway in the world. Medicine is moving away from being a science of the treatment of disease, to a science of Health. You were – and remain  - a visionary of this transformation. Did you imagine when you wrote your best-selling The World Peace Diet a decade ago that it would play a role in the dawning of a new era in Medicine?


Will Tuttle:

I just knew at the time that I was called to speak a truth that I myself was becoming aware of... that our health has to be addressed in a much deeper, more holistic way.

Animal Voice:

Functional Medicine is the name being given to this transition of Medicine from a science of the treatment of disease, to a science of health. As I understand it, Functional

Medicine encorporates the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, each one of them a vital component to overall human health. 


Functional Medicine puts food as the medicine responsible for the healing of a host of diseases including depression, anxiety, psychological trauma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit disorder, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, autism, auto-immune disease, eating disorders, prostate cancer, obesity ... and the list goes on and on.