December  2015

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December 2015

Animal Voice  - cage eggs

Many Animal Voice supporters will remember the vigorous efforts we all made during 2015  in have cartons of battery eggs labelled as ‘Cage Eggs’.


Between consumer awareness campaigns, organising a petition, displaying placards, and responding to calls for written submissions in regard to labelling regulations by the Departments of Agriculture and Health -  we gave it our all. Sadly, to no avail.


Then Animal Voice was invited to the very informative Seminar on Food Labelling and Consumer Protection in South Africa, hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry in Pretoria on 25th November.

Animal Voice


Animal Voice calls on Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies,

to exercise his right to PRESCRIBE, and stipulate that battery eggs must be identified as such!



As a result of what we learned at this seminar, we have written to Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, motivating why he should exercise his right in terms of the Consumer Protection Act,  to stipulate that battery eggs must be labelled as such.


This is our letter, written in the name of Compassion in World Farming SA:  

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Date: 26th November 2015


Dear Minister,

Request in terms of  Section 24 (4) (a) of the Consumer Protection Act, for eggs laid by hens in battery cages to be labelled and identified as  ‘Cage Eggs’.


I write as Representative in South Africa for the international NGO Compassion in World Farming and on behalf of our supporters. We note that the right to prescribe is invested in you by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) in regard to categories of goods that are required to have a trade description applied to them, as contemplated in subsection (5) of the Act.


We believe your prescription is urgently required so that the producers and suppliers of battery eggs may be compelled to apply a trade description to their goods, disclosing the ‘method of production’.