March 2016

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March 2016

Will Tuttle:

Yes, there is a health crisis in the world today and this is spurring us into a radical shift away from the pharmaceutical-medical model and towards a realisation of the interconnectedness of all life and all aspects of life.  We are more than our bodies. If we are to be healthy, we have to look to at least five levels of health:

physical , psychological , emotional, cultural and spiritual.







Animal Voice:

Thus, disease arises from an imbalance between these five levels ?


Will Tuttle:

Exactly! And Industrial Animal Agriculture is devastating to all five levels:

* Devastating to our environment: soil erosion, destruction of resources, pollution, etc.

* Devastating to our culture: it is the driving force behind food shortages, hunger, war and social injustice.

* Devastating for our psychological health: it requires us to desensitise ourselves and disconnect from our inherent wisdom and compassion.

* Devastating to our spiritual health: it causes us to act immorally towards other living beings.

* Harmful to our physical health: animal-based foods concentrate toxins in our bodies, such as pesticides, antibiotic residues, heavy metals and animal proteins that acidify our tissues and cause inflammation.


Animal Voice: 

So in a way, a transformation of consciousness is part of any healing process?


Will Tuttle:

Yes, absolutely. In order to heal, we need a shift in consciousness which by necessity involves a change of behaviour. We are called to awaken from the cultural trance of routinely abusing animals and the environment for food. On an emotional level  we are called to be present for each other with kindness and respect. We must not underestimate the power of caring in any healing process. 


Animal Voice:

Part of this new understanding of Medicine, is that we need to use food as medicine? Would you say food can be more powerful than drugs


Will Tuttle: 

Drugs are toxic. Food is enormously powerful in terms of being a foundation for either health or disease.  


Animal Voice: 

So you would agree with doctors who suggest that health does not happen in the doctor’s office. It happens in the kitchen?


Will Tuttle: 

Yes, and health also happens in our consciousness. First we must understand that our true nature is eternal consciousness; that we are related to all other living beings, and that we are manifestations of eternal consciousness each of us with a purpose to love and bless each other and to find and share our unique creative gifts. Only then are we able to serve our own health and the health of our world. Our intention must be in alignment with this deeper understanding and purpose. If we fail to fully understand and live this, we will find symptoms of disease.








Animal Voice:

In a way, illness is not the enemy, but a gift. Illness is the messenger that heralds our urgent need for transformation.


Will Tuttle:

Absolutely! Any symptom of disease is a reflection of an inner psychological disharmony and is an invitation for healing. If we repress the symptom of disease with drugs or medical procedures, the underlying disharmony will tend to manifest more symptoms somewhere else in our body or in the body of our affairs. 

"The suppression of awareness required by our universal practice of commodifying, enslaving, and killing animals for food generates the “built-in mental disorder” that drives us toward the destruction not only of ourselves but of the other living creatures and systems of this earth. Because this practice of exploiting and brutalizing animals for food has come to be regarded as normal, natural, and unavoidable, it has become invisible.” 

― Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet

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