March 2016

Working towards a more compassionate world through education and advocacy

Increasing our Compassionate Footprint

March 2016





- Cape Town Tourism



- The Department of Business Management,

  Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

  Univeristy of Stellenbosch



- Blast Brand Catalysts


Animal Voice is in the process of introducing a Better Lives rating system which farmers can use to show the level of care given to their animals. 

Farmers will be encouraged to invite Animal Voice to view their farms after which our stick-on rating system will be available to them  to place on their products, valid for a year.

Blast Brand Catalysts'

Managing Partner Chris Primos

Blast Brand Catalysts' Creative Director Angelo Beck

Blast Brand Catalysts has also conceptualised

“What’s in your pound of flesh?” 

into a stunning series of adverts destined for the print media. Each depicts the hidden content of a variety of meats  that land up on our plates. Now Managing Partner Chris Primos and Creative Director Angelo Beck will  take this further and assist in the development of our ‘Better Lives’

campaign for farmed animals.

Said Chris: “ We believe in your campaign. Relieving the suffering of all who experience consciousness must surely be a priority and when it comes to the food we eat, becoming aware of what’s in that food is the first major step we can take.”    


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