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October 26, 2019

Laying hens are perhaps the most desecrated animals on earth. Trapped for life in intolerably small confinement, their lives  are not worth living by anyone’s standard.

There was however, a glimmer of hope for them in September 2018 when the Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) proposed a draft Chapter for hen welfare globally that highlighted the importance of hens being able to carry out their core natural behaviours. Scientifically proven to be vital to their welfare, these behaviours included the ability to lay their eggs in a nest, to fora...

August 25, 2019

This Size 7 pair of shoes occupies a floor space that is identical in size to the space allowance of a laying hen in a battery cage, namely:  450 sq cm.

When we put on our shoes in the morning, let us be reminded on a daily basis that if we eat eggs, we should buy only certified free range eggs.

By doing so we set another hen free from torment. Or we can eliminate eggs from our diet altogether.


Mr Luyanda Mahlanza...