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November 8, 2015

Document for discussion produced by Tony Gerrans of the Humane Education Trust and behalf of Compassion inWorld Farming (South Africa) on 10 October 2015


This briefing paper will argue that modern industrial intensive livestock production methods need to be understood as significant producers of anthropogenic climate change emissions. Any efforts to mitigate such emissions need to address the structure of the current food system. In addition, there are pressing public policy issues of food security, ethics, human health and concer...

November 6, 2015

With all the bad press about meat, one can’t blame supporters of the meat industry for being defensive! But when they resort to a non-scientific justification for not curbing our consumption of meat, one has to ask: Is this the tipping point where vegetarians and vegans gain the upper hand?


In his recent article in The Conversation, Prof Voster Muchenje and his co-author, PhD student Yonela Njisane, argue that misconceptions about meat and its affect on health need to be tackled head on. “Human beings were born omnivores. Meat has been part of...

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