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Welcome to Caring Classrooms

Educating our learners for a kinder world - Building ethics and empathy as part of everyday learning in schools around South Africa


Caring Classrooms provides a trove of resources for teachers, learners and parents, such as readers, games, posters, puppets, teaching guides and more! We also offer a SACE endorsed online course worth 10 CPTD points for teachers.

Human Ethics and Animal Rights 

An on-line certification course of relevance to students of  veterinary science, social science, philosophy, animal welfare, educators and anyone else who would like a thorough understanding of the Animal Rights Movement, particularly in the South African context. ...

Animal Voice is a non profit organisation and relies solely on donations & sponsorship. With your support we can accomplish so much more

Animal Voice magazine  

is a voice for the voiceless.  We expose the truth behind animal injustices in South Africa, as well as shine a light on the brave activists who  make a difference  to the lives of animals.  Animal Voice is the only national magazine in South Africa dedicated to achieving better lives for farmed animals through consumer awareness and their buying power.

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Educating our learners for a kinder world

South African learners deserve to know about the important issues of animal welfare currently under discussion at The World Organisation for Animal Health

For the months of November and December, these two books are available at the excellent cost price of R60.00 each (VAT and postage inclusive)

Early Childhood Development

The first seven years of childhood are believed to be the most important,

with lifetime implications for emotional health and personal success.

Meet  Lucky, Tick-Taxi, Bones and Brave Heart 

With the children as puppeteers, together with a fun-filled play script, the dogs find out how all of them can become as lucky as Lucky (with a little help from their two-legged friends).

A bumper issue of Animal Voice featuring significant progress for the animals, is out!


so you can read or download each article, or view the full magazine. 


Thank your invaluable ongoing support.

The Animal Voice Team

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