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Imagine the freedom that a hen experiences when she is released from a life-time’s incarceration in a space allowance that is less than an A4 sheet of paper! With your support, the hens that supply Durban with eggs,  can experience this freedom

Would you like to be a VITAL part of our CAGE FREE campaign?

Here’s how: 


*  DOWNLOAD the Pledge - and print it out...

*  Take copies of the Pledge to restaurants in your area and ask the chefs or managers  (depending on who is in charge of buying the eggs) to sign

*  Take a photo of the chef or manager (preferably while signing the pledge)

*  Scan them both in (high res if possible) and send both the photo and the signed pledge to Kelly Schlesinger for uploading here

Budget constraints ?


If the chef/manager says he/she can’t abandon battery eggs because of budget constraints, please ask him/her to get in touch with

Windmeul Eggs which is assisting our Cage-Free initiative with a special price for its James the Freeranger eggs  - 

CONTACT:  Managing director - Pier Passerini - 082 887 5708 or

Download the pledge

The Chefs at these fine Durban restaurants have all

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