Working towards a more compassionate world through education and advocacy

Disclaimer: COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING campaigns actively for the elimination of all forms of animal cruelty in agriculture. Whilst we will continue to strive for this ultimate goal, we also believe that the immediate abolition of all forms of animal exploitation is unfortunately not imminent, and to reject incremental welfare improvements in farming is to condemn all animals currently in the food chain, and those who will suffer this fate in the foreseeable future, to terrible and often avoidable abuse. It is therefore our view that incremental improvements can mitigate the extent and nature of suffering in the short term, and are not always incompatible with our ultimate goal of eliminating cruelty altogether.  We are mindful that some organisations in the animal use economy can and do attempt to frustrate genuine animal welfare and rights reform.  These efforts can take the form of the misrepresentation of welfare standards and manipulation of publicity surrounding incremental improvement. We reject these efforts where appropriate, and will continue to work towards both genuine incremental reform, and the ultimate end of all animal exploitation.

We recognise the right of other animal interest organisations to hold different views, and pursue different strategies accordingly.