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The terrible scourge of dog-fighting infests the underworld within the beautiful city of Cape Town. Mostly it is disadvantaged youths who are drawn into this barbaric horror.


Dog fighting, though illegal, flourishes despite every effort of animal welfare organisations and the police to stop it.

To fight against this brutality we need to equip our youth with a complete understanding of the personal price they will pay and consequences that will inevitably confront them if they enter this dark, morally bankrupt underworld.


The urgency to reach our youth before they succumb to the lure of organised dog fighting has driven The Humane Education Trust to design a powerful new

two-day workshop “Dog Fighting must Fall” for high school students from at-risk communities.   Humane Education’s workshops will include testimony by a former member of a dog fighting syndicate.

To paralyse this industry requires mass action! Our aim is to run 20 workshops at 20 schools before the end of 2016.  A two day workshop for 1 school, including facilitators and classroom resources, costs R5000. 

This campaign relies solely on donations and sponsorship.  We can’t do it alone, your support is essential.


Special acknowledgment in the form of a Certificate of Recognition, for a donation of R5000 or more, will be presented to and displayed at the benefiting school. Humane Education is in a strong position to fight this horrendous and depraved industry for the following reasons:


  • Humane Education’s Caring Classrooms programme for schools is now accredited by SETA (Skills Education & Training Authority) making Humane Education a government-recognised and desired qualification for teachers to attain.

  • Cape Town Tourism has endorsed our campaign “Dog Fighting must Fall”.






For more information about the "Dog Fighting Must Fall" Workshops contact

Louise van der Merwe  - Managing Trustee: The Humane Education Trust  .   Tel: 021 852 8160    .   Fax: 021 413 1297