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Compassion in World Farming (South Africa) falls under the umbrella of The Humane Education Trust which supplies a magazine entitled Animal Voice, as well as educational resources to schools, consumers and the public at large. Our work is holistic and includes the well-being of children, as much as of animals. In addition, we appeal to consumers to make a difference to our planet through their buying power.  Only with your help can we achieve better lives for farmed animals. Become part of this revolution towards ‘Lives worth Living’ by making a monthly donation, a once-off donation, fund raising, leaving a gift in your will or giving a gift in memory of a loved one. 



Every donation received is spent wisely and valued by us. Your generous support will help us to prevent the cruelty and abuse that farm animals across South Africa are subjected to.  With a donation of R1000,00 or more, you will be entitled to an Animal Voice subscription for one year.

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Direct Donations / Monthly Donations

Becoming a monthly donator is one of the most powerful and effective ways to support us. As a monthly donator you will be helping animals across South Africa every day by providing reliable funds which allows us to focus less on raising funds, and to put more effort and time into our projects and building a nation of compassionate informed consumers. Please find below our details should you wish to create a monthly stop order in aid of Compassion in World Farming:


Account: the Humane Education Trust
Account Number: 9094070046
ABSA Bank, Somerset West
Branch No.: 632005
Type of Account: Savings



R100 Donaton
Will provide 2 Humane Education books for 1 school library (school of your choice)


R1000 Donaton
Will provide a full complement of our Humane Education readers ( 15 books) for 1 junior school library (school of your choice)

Make a Donation of

Humane Education


Make a Donation of

a Humane Education

Caring Classrooms


R7000 Donaton

Introductory Level 1-day Teacher Workshop.

Guide to aligning animal welfare as part of Life Skills or Life Orientation, (Includes Teacher’s Guide to take back to the classroom). See more


R39000 Donaton

Diploma and Accreditation Level

Humane Education – Caring Classrooms. Environmental Ethics.  4-day Teacher Workshop. Includes Classroom Behaviour 

Management for Educators and Learners. Includes Teacher’s Guide to take back to the classroom See more

Leaving us a gift in your will


With your help we can continue our work to stop animal cruelty and factory farming. Through your generous support, you can help us to make our vision of kinder farming and more compassionate world of consumers a reality for animals.

Once you have made a bequest to us, please let us know, so that we are aware of your support.

You can call us on 021 852 8160, or email us at avoice@yebo.co.za


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MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is one of South Africa's biggest fundraising programmes and allows you to make a difference, just by shopping. - Please consider nominating The Humane Education Trust (incorporating Compassion in World Farming (South Africa) as your charity of choice.  Get your free card today. Every swipe counts!  CLICK HERE TO GET A CARD

Get your school on board

Are there Humane Education resources in your kids’, grandkids’, nieces’ and nephews’ schools? Talk to the teachers, school principals and other parents, inform them on the importance of humane education for children and urge them to have a look at our website and contact us for more information.  SEE MORE  INFO ON HUMANE EDUCATION


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