March 2016

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March 2016



By Louise van der Merwe

There is no end to the misery and suffering imposed on farmed animals but there are enough farmers now who provide BETTER LIVES – even MUCH BETTER LIVES - for their animals and with our support as consumers, we can transform the unrelenting, unspeakable misery into lives worth living. The influence of vegetarianism, veganism and lab-grown meat is already playing a role. But animal agriculture is an unfathomable gargantuan global industry that depends on our ignorance and complacency.   The billions of animals caught up in factory farming need our assistance now.  Statistics in a recent issue of Mail & Guardian give us an idea of the incomprehensible scale of animal agriculture:

South Africans consumed  nearly 2 441-million tonnes of chicken and eggs in 2012. Each person eats about 36kg of chicken products a year – a third more than pork, beef, mutton and goat combined.

– Mail & Guardian – 26 Feb – 3 March 2016

If we eat the products of animal agriculture – and even if we don’t -  let us take up our knives and forks and insist on food that transforms the lives of animals into BETTER LIVES.   


Already our Cage-Free Cape Town initiative has got off to a fabulous start – (page 1)

Bolstered by the support of Cape Town Tourism, we are on the way to transforming

Cape Town into a Cage Free Zone!

Would you like to be a VITAL part of our CAGE FREE campaign?

It doesn’t have to be in Cape Town. You can start a branch of Cage-Free

in your own suburb, your own town.

Here’s how: 


*  DOWNLOAD the Pledge - and print it out...

*  Take copies of the Pledge to restaurants in your area and ask the chefs or managers

    (depending on who is in charge of buying the eggs) to sign

*  Take a photo of the chef or manager (preferably while signing the pledge)

*  Scan them both in (high res if possible) and send both the photo and the signed pledge to Kelly Schlesinger

    for uploading onto our Cage-Free Cape Town page


Budget constraints ?


If the chef/manager says he/she can’t abandon battery eggs because of budget constraints, please ask him/her to get in touch with

Windmeul Eggs which is assisting our Cage-Free initiative with a special price for its James the Freeranger eggs  - 

CONTACT:  Managing director - Pier Passerini - 082 887 5708 or

Louise van der Merwe

Founder and Editor of Animal Voice, Founder and Managing Trustee of The Humane Education Trust and Representative in South Africa for the international NGO Compassion in World Farming.


Tony Gerrans


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