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Educating our learners for a kinder world

South African learners deserve to know about the important issues of animal welfare currently under discussion at The World Organisation for Animal Health

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Imagine confining a full-grown hen to a space allowance the size of a pair of size 7 shoe prints!

Bizarre and incredible though this sounds, its exactly the space allowance given to trillions of laying hens around the world, trapped in battery cages. People think cages are a 'necessary evil' in order for farmers to supply cheap eggs. But with science proving that laying hens suffer immeasurably when they are confined in cages, alternative housing is currently up for discussion at the highest level.

While well-managed free range is certainly the best option, transforming a shed full of cages into a barn where the hens can actually walk and perch and lay their eggs in a nest, is next best, 

and is as simple as removing the cages out of the barn. This is the option currently receiving serious attention.

The price for 'barn eggs' is a few cents more than for cage eggs but barn eggs provide jobs for people too!

So let's look at the job creation side of it all!

Battery cage sheds are mostly automated with one conveyer belt supplying food and another conveyer belt collecting the eggs. In fact, only two workers are required for a shed of 20 000 laying hens! Putting the hens back on the ground of a barn, and offering them space enough to stretch a wing and actually use their legs, is a win-win situation - more jobs for people and better lives for hens!

As the World Organisation for Animal Health invites countries to reconsider new global standards for the housing of laying hens (see our open letter

to Dr Modisane, Chief Director, Animal Production

and Health,  Department of Agriculture, Forestry

and Fisheries), Animal Voice invites all educators - be they parents, teachers, aunts or uncles - to help inform South Africa's young citizens on these important matters of animal welfare.


To support this endeavour, we have a Special Offer!

Goosie's Story is a story about a laying hen who discovers a robust ability to enjoy life's basic gifts. 

Appelliefie se Storie is the Afrikaans version.


Both books are:

  • approved by the Department of Education

  • included in its catalogue of resources for school libraries

  • suitable for learners in Grades 4 - 7

  • illustrated with several full-colour illustrations


For the months of November and December, these two books are available at the excellent cost price of R60.00 each (VAT and postage inclusive)


Your DONATION will help us educate our young citizens and equip them with the knowledge needed to bring about a kinder world.  

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