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Free range Karoo lamb – There’s nothing humane about it!

Lamb chops are often viewed as one of the kinder meats because sheep are not shut away in wire cages like chickens, nor in metal crates like pigs. Instead, sheep graze in fields along country highways, in seemingly peaceful settings…

The hidden cost of Karoo Lamb

There is a horrifically dark side to sheep farming that consumers can’t imagine and never get to see.  At night, the rolling hills become hunting grounds for wildlife predators - and lambs are easy prey  (left pic: lamb with ears chewed off from predators)

So we kill the wildlife that roam in the veld because man has designated himself as the only legitimate  predator.

The Department of Environmental Affairs makes it legal to destroy the ‘damage-causing animals’ that predate on flocks of sheep and lambs – the caracals, black-backed jackals, porcupines, wild dogs and leopards

The horror – be it the predation of wildlife on lambs – or the cruel and violent destruction of wildlife – is beyond what we can imagine.

In the new legislation, ‘Norms and Standards for the Management of Damage-Causing Animals in South Africa’,

The Department of Environmental Affairs makes it legal to use

  • foot-hold traps

  • packs of hunting dogs to track or flush out

  • cage-traps

  • poison collars fitted to sheep (active ingredient sodium monofluoroacetate)

  • poison firing apparatus (active ingredient sodium cyanide)

  • denning (by carbon monoxide)

  • lures -  animals are lured into the open by artificial distress calls - and then shot

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We have until December 10th to object to the Department of Environmental Affairs about its intended legalisation of barbaric and cruel methods of predator control and the decimation of our wildlife. We call for shepherds to watch these flocks of sheep by night instead of weapons of destruction! 

Please address your appeal to

Attention: C/O Ms Makganthe Maleka
The Director General
Department of Environmental Affairs
Private Bag X447
Tel: +27 (0)12 399 8865

Example email to Ms Makganthe Maleka

Attention  Ms Maleka

We object to the decimation of our wildlife. We object specifically to the use of gin traps, poisons, hunting dogs, denning, and species culls as means of predator controls in sheep farming. We call for shepherds to be employed to protect the sheep as the only ethical solution.  

Editor’s note:

We believe that when abattoirs become obsolete, we will celebrate our triumph and will find peace as a species.  In the meantime, we will do all we can to lessen the suffering of our fellow beings who are caught up in the industrial profit-driven meat machine.

More horrors for the Karoo Lamb

With no protection from the blazing Karoo sun, the only shade is the shadow of another sheep!

Free range transport and slaughter is no different to factory farmed transport and slaughter. The sheep are rounded up for the long, desperately thirsty journey – standing room only  - to meet with the terror of an auction,  abattoir, or death at the side of the road in an informal settlement.