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As science reveals animal cognition to be as complex as our own, we are heading towards the cusp of a significant adjustment in our relationship with nonhuman lives. That’s where our online Human Ethics and Animal Rights courses come in. 


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An Online Course for Teachers


Endorsed by The South African Council of Educators (SACE)    .    Provider Number: PR13247   .   10 CPTD points   .   Duration: 8 - 10 hours   .   Cost: FREE

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The course reflects our modern understanding of the relationship between ourselves and animals. Specially designed for teachers, this course brings comprehensive understanding to:

  • The link between animal abuse and child abuse

  • The link between animal abuse and domestic violence

  • The erosion of empathy and its connection with bullying and gangster-ism

  • How the building blocks of empathy are central to our learning experience

  • Why a full bench of Constitution Court judges point out that ‘animal protection safeguards the moral status of humans and the degeneration of human values’


Pretoria Life Orientation teacher Yvette Wepener

"I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative and I was amazed at the cost of euthanasing all the unwanted dogs and cats. The kids in my class all want to be millionaires and they will definitely be interested in the fact that animal neglect and abuse is something that costs the nation a lot of money!"

An Online Course for Veterinary and Para-Veterinary professionals


Accredited by the South African Veterinary Council   .   Registration Number AC/1700/17 

10 CPD points on the successful completion of the 6 Learning Units   .   Duration: 8 - 10 hours   .   Course cost: R499

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This course is intended for Veterinary and para-veterinary professionals who wish to explore the current issues involved in our treatment of non-humans and our changing relationship with them. 


Dr. Birgitta Wahlberg - Åbo Akademi University - Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics/Social Sciences

(public law) Finland. Dr Wahlberg is internationally acknowledged as a leading proponent of legal rights for animals.

"An understanding of animals as sentient beings with interests of their own has been increasingly a target of research. The use of animals for human purposes and the suffering humans are causing them is of great concern worldwide. Their exploitation is undeniably cruel and unsustainable from many points of view. Animal Law is a new field of law striving to clarify the legal aspects of the protection of animals, including the view of animals as holders of rights. Congratulations to all involved at Animal Voice Academy for making the course Human Ethics and Animal Rights a reality. It is making history for all animals. Giving them rights does not take anything away from humans. On the contrary."

Professor Clive Phillips

Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics, School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland, Australia

"The course introduces some fundamental concepts in animal rights and welfare. Simple to follow and presenting the bare facts in an appealing manner, this course will help everyone to understand the basic facts surrounding our use of animals in today’s society. The course includes a wealth of background resources and exercises to introduce the topics."

Professor Kai Horsthemke PhD

World renowned for his work on the moral rights of animals and fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

"I think this course is an excellent achievement, and that students will benefit immensely from engaging with it.

Apart from the content, which 'hits home' without being preachy (and thereby potentially off-putting to the unconverted),

I am taken with the ease of navigation. For me as a bit of a technophobe, this has been an especially pleasant experience.

Again, well done, you deserve all the kudos you will no doubt get for putting together this inspirational and comprehensive course."