Teaching a culture of non violence

Reaching for a new level of conciousness

Humane Education in 2017 is:

being aware that there are negative consequences for thinking animal welfare is someone else’s problem

gaining insights into what modern science tells us about animal cognition and sentience

actively supporting the Constitutional Court’s call to guardianship of animal welfare by all South Africans, in the knowledge that:

  • animals have intrinsic value as individuals

  • animal protection safeguards the moral status         of humans.


Humane Education’s mission is to bring the best of humane education to South Africa’s leaders of tomorrow!

Sign up – whether you are a parent, teacher or learner –  whether you’re interested in Grade R or Grade 12 or anywhere in-between – and we will guide you to curriculum-aligned humane education activities, specific to your needs, in preparation for 2018.

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Sponsor a school near you to receive Caring Classrooms' Homework Diaries 2018.

This unique and special Homework Diary includes:

• Quotes from learners on how humane education changed their lives

• Three separate comic-strip stories interspersed between

   the terms, about animal care, dog-bite prevention and anti-bullying.

  (These unique  stories are officially endorsed by the World Health Organisation)

• Constitutional Court Justice Sisi Khampepe’s reminder that our own well-being is directly linked to how we treat our non-human co-inhabitants

• Special days for animals

Price: R69.95 for one. Discount unit price for 10 or more: R49.00. To order, contact Louise: 021 852 8160  .  082 457 9177  .  avoice@yebo.co.za

Only one Struggle

We at Humane Education are acutely aware that there is only One Struggle in the world today – namely, the evolution of morality. But morality cannot be achieved at all if animals are excluded from our realm of concern.  We believe that True Humanity begins with a valuing of others – inclusive of religion, colour, tribe, orientation, gender and species.  

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Human Ethics and

Animal Rights 

is an on-line certification course of relevance to students of  veterinary science, social science, philosophy, animal welfare, educators and anyone else who would like a thorough understanding of the Animal Rights Movement, particularly in the South African context. ...

Download Teachers material from Grade R onwards

Calling all teachers – Grades R – FET! Join the exciting movement to bring about a new consciousness and a better world to live in!    Animals have no rights!

The closest they come to having rights is the Five Freedoms!  The South African schools curriculum gives countless opportunities to teach the Five Freedoms and bring about a caring society.    Start downloading to see what we mean!

The Humane Education Trust (HET) is a registered non-profit organisation (039-611-NPO) founded by

Louise van der Merwe in 1998. HET is dedicated to promoting an ethos of respect.


This is best illustrated in the quote below by philosopher and author Henry Thoreau:

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.

Now put the foundations under them.”


HET’s work is at the foundations.   HET works in as many schools as funds allow.

HET’s resources are approved by the Department of Basic Education (Libraries)

  • We publish a range of books, DVDs, posters and other classroom resources that promote positive relationships with all the inhabitants of our planet. Three of our titles have been chosen for the Western Cape Education Department’s 100 Books in Every Grade Project and our resources are used in schools throughout South Africa. The Humane Education Trust is also a full member of the Publishers’ Association of South Africa.

  • We assist educators in teaching Humane Education through workshops and presentations and by providing accompanying resources to our publications.

  • We promote Humane Education whenever an opportunity arises: At education seminars, in the press, on radio, TV, etc.

  • We are also the South African representative for Compassion in World Farming.



Humane Education Catalogue of Resources



Humane Education is looking for corporate sponsorship to enable Caring Classrooms to spread its influence to all South Africa’s learners. Please proudly add your name to what we are achieving! Telephone Louise van der Merwe, Managing Trustee of The Humane Education Trust on 082 457 9177.

Amazing transformation of sick dog who had given up hope
"A street dog was curled up in a ball on the side of the road. He was suffering from severe mange and had completely given up hope. Just watch his transformation after we rescued him and gave him the medical care he desperately needed. " Animal Aid Unlimited, India


Louise van der Merwe is founder and Managing Trustee of The Humane Education Trust, editor of Animal Voice and Director in South Africa of Compassion in World Farming.   She is the recipient of the following awards... See more

This guide is curriculum compliant and includes activities and lesson plans from Grade R – FET  See More


Teachers Guide
About our Founder  - Louise van der Merwe


The Humane Education Trust 

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