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Posted: November 14, 2016

PHASE OUT starts 2017

McDonalds has finally agreed to phase-out battery eggs in all its South African restaurants BEGINNING IN 2017 – with a completion of the phase out by 2025.

McDonalds serves 8 million customers a month in South Africa. Assuming at least half of them eat eggs, that’s an immense number of eggs.


It is great news that McDonalds has taken this significant step forward for animal welfare. Being cage-free is better by far than being caged-in. Crowded though ‘cage-free’ is, laying hens will nevertheless - at last - be able to spread a wing, use their legs to walk and perch, lay their eggs in a nest. They won’t be standing relentlessly on a sloping wire grid, squashed into a space allowance that is 25% less than an A4 sheet of paper.



As Compassion in World Farming (SA), we do indeed say ‘Thank you’ to McDonalds. But there is a reluctance to give my personal ‘thank you’ because the time frame of nearly a decade for the phase out to be complete is excessive and, in addition, it has taken almost three decades of immense pressure by extraordinarily resilient NGO’s and their supporters, for Big Business to do the right thing. There’s something wrong in that!


So this is my challenge: To Pick n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Spar and every other food business in South Africa:

Follow the lead of MacDonalds with immediate effect,  or stand up and be counted as a businesses that doesn’t give a damn about the immense suffering of those at our mercy.

Let’s encourage McDonalds to  accelerate the phase-out by keeping up the pressure

See the Press Release sent to Compassion’s office today.