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The Gift of Play

The Five Freedoms

South African Leaders and their views on Animal Rights

In search of Empathy Humane Education Workshops


Humane Education Teacher's Guide 2013

WE CHALLENGE Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers and Spar to give battery eggs the boot by making 2017 the year of the big phase-out of this unrelenting torture and misery for laying hens. 

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Animal Auction Markets - South Africa 

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A normal day at a South African animal auction market. This turmoil, torment and terror imposed on animals across the country daily, must end!  Filmed by Compassion in World Farming South Africa.

HUNGER - South Africa 

1 in 4 South Africans suffer from hunger on a regular basis and is a constant risk factor for more than half the population. Ironically, South Africa is considered to be a food secure nation, why then do 1 in 4 go to bed hungry?

Pigs - Cage free Cape Town

2 808 000 young pigs are slaughtered annually in South Africa. 
Take a look at some of the harrowing facts around South African pig factory farms.  Production by Compassion in World Farming South Africa and Animal Voice.  

The farms shown at the end of this video are considered ‘cage free’. They do not use sow stalls ( gestation crates ) and generally practice higher welfare. However, some of them do still use farrowing crates (the metal cage the mother lies in to suckle her babies) for about 3 weeks. 

Compassion in World Farming SA does not suggest that getting pigs out of sow stalls is the ultimate victory. Far from it! We still have to address the harrowing farrowing crate and the terrible barren and overcrowded conditions in which the piglets are “grown” and then of course, their horrific slaughter. There is simply no ‘good’ way to kill a pig.  

However we do believe in incremental steps to relieve the hideous suffering in factory farming, and we hope this campaign takes us a step closer.

Mr Sitzer Interview

The Five Freedoms

Humane Education Teachers Guide 2013

There is only one struggle

Over time we have seen the tragic moral consequences of discrimination, yet we perpetuate the most morally reprehensible discrimination of all - against those who are at our mercy. And the struggle continues because morality cannot be achieved at all if animals are excluded from our circle of concern.
Production - The Humane Education Trust

Broiler Chicks South Africa - Baby Frankenstein

The Master Mindset

The Chicken and the Egg
8 Reasons why we should say NO to Factory Farming
Facts on South African Factory Farming
Farmer Angus "Truly Free Range Eggs"

Born into our care

Ethically concious society

Discarded Boy calves

This Initiative by the city of Cape Town

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Mantsadi - Becoming Proudly Human

Vision for fair food and Farming

Grass fed Cows

A cows trajic final journey

The chicken and the egg

Pig Stalls on the Wine route

Green Tie Fundraising Event

Boy Calves are discarded by the Dairy Inustry

The High price of Eggs in South Africa

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