Teaching a culture of non violence

Reaching for a new level of conciousness

Global outreach against rabies.

Humane Education is pleased that the World Health Organisation has purchased the rights to one of our resources to assist in its global outreach against rabies. 

From the DA leader, Mmusi Maimane MP

On learning that new DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s mother tongue is Setswana, Louise sent him a gift for his younger child – the Setswana version of our reader for schools Caring Kids.


She asked him please to remember the well-being of South Africa’s animals in his Bokamoso conversations. He had explained that Bokamoso means “The Future”. Today the Humane Education Trust was thrilled to receive his letter of acknowledgement.

‘Totally Awesome!’ – how one delegate described Humane Education’s workshop CARING CLASSROOMS

  • Thank you LOTTO for its sponsorship

  • Thank you Maggi Marjoram, head of the SPCA in Franschhoek who made it happen

  • Thank you to Errol and his team at Travellers Lodge for the wonderful venue, accommodation and hospitality

  • Thank you to the all 43 delegates who attended, some of them having travelled  long distances to be with us

  • Thank you Yossi Vissoker, behavioural consultant and therapist, for presenting the workshop on ‘Knock down the barriers to learning’.

  • Thank you to Humane Education donors and last but not least...

  • Thank you to  Humane Education’s own fantastic team 


On the agenda:  


Becoming Proudly Human in the way we treat animals and Bringing an end to the scourge of bullying. 

Aimed at teachers and educators in the Foundation and Intermediate Phases of the National Schools Curriculum, every delegate took away with them our 180-page Teacher’s Guide to Humane Education, our booklet Knocking down the barriers to learningand a big bag of DBE and WCED-approved, curriculum-compliant readers, workbooks, posters, felt-packs and pin boards, and badges to be earned by young learners, called “I’m a Caring Kid”.


Humane Education wishes to thank all those who

made our Workshop such a rip-roaring success.

Delegates fit together the

Five Freedoms for all Animals

Vivienne Rutgers demonstrates how to use the Teacher’s Guide to Humane Education

Behavioural consultant and therapist Yossi Vissoker conducts the workshop ‘Knock Down the Barriers to Learning’


Which of the Five Freedoms are taken away by cages?

Louise asked delegates to write down what they would take away with them from our workshop (apart from our Big Bag of Resources).

These were their replies... 


“This was a very interesting workshop. It empowered us to take care of our animals at home and also to relate better to our kids in the classrooms.”


“The workshop was very educational and relaxed. Thank you for enabling me to learn more. I will now look at the children and animals with new eyes.

Thank you for the new insight you have created in me.”


“Enjoyed it so much. Learned how to enjoy animals. There’s lots you’ve given me to take to school and teach the children.”


“It was very interesting. I learnt a lot.”


“Excellent, informative workshop. Thank you!”


“What I would like to say is that as a SPCA inspector, I felt, at the beginning, that this workshop was not intended for me but, would you believe, I now feel that I am exactly in the right place.  It is very inspiring and I feel that I will be able to make a difference in the communities in which I work after all.

Thank you very much.”  See more