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September 2015

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Animal Voice:

How was the pod of pilot whales driven ashore and what was going on in your head when you ran towards them, to put yourself between them and the people waiting to kill them?


Rosie: The pod of whales was spotted off the coast of the most western island called Mykines. Many boats form a semicircle behind the pod and then by making a noise, drive the pilot whales onto shallow beaches where many locals are waiting with their knives, spinal lances (used to break the spinal cord) and hooks with ropes attached. They put the hook in the blow-holes of the pilot whales and drag them onto the beach. As I watched, I knew that I would do everything possible to try and interfere with the killing. There was no way that I could just stand there and watch without trying to do something. Our plan was to non-agressively put our own bodies between the killers and the pilot whales. As you know, that got us arrested.


While running onto the beach, I was tackled by 2 policeman. I fought to get away but one policeman sat on my back and then another, with his knee in my side, held my hands behind my back. A third man came to put the handcuffs on. The next moment the masses of killers ran past me and I knew then that the pilot whales were on the beach and they were about to be brutally killed. To be honest with you, while lying there with one of the policeman pushing my face into the sand, my only thought was of those innocent, self aware sentient beings  that were being brutally killed. An incredible sadness and at the same time rage came over me. In that moment I felt so ashamed to be part of a specie that has lost its compassion for other living beings and kill innocent lives for the sake of ‘tradition’. 

Animal Voice:

And now, Rosie, you are under arrest in  the Faroe Islands – far, far from home and family. Please tell us how you feel.


Rosie: Whatever happens to me is NOTHING compared to what those beautiful animals have to endure. I will NEVER stop fighting for the animals. 

The Faroese authorities will ask for my deportation if I am found guilty but I will never stop fighting for these beautiful animals.


Rosie Kunneke arrived home to a heroine’s welcome on Saturday night, 22nd August, after her harrowing ordeal and arrest in the Faroe Islands as she attempted to prevent the killing of a pod of pilot whales.  


In the picture, courtesy Nikki Botha. Supporters gather with her on her arrival at Cape Town International Airport.


Animal Voice raises a toast to Rosie Kunneke!


Continued ... Interview with Rosie Kunneke


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