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"Life is life – whether in a cat,

or dog or man. The idea of difference 

is a human conception for

man’s own advantage"

Sri Aurobindoi


Say NO to Factory Farming - Gautengers up the ante against factory farming

The Gauteng branch of Compassion in World Farming SA staged a demo against factory farming  at Hyde Park, Johannesburg. - 4 July 2004

The Protest was a HUGE success, thank you to all our fantastic activists -


These are the people that change the world!

Date: 4 July 2015

Time: 10:00 am

Place: The Island outside Hyde Park shopping centre, corner Jan Smuts Ave and William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park.

Said motorist Nikki Benson in an email afterwards: 


“Hello, we received your brochure at the robots at Hydepark.. I have added your organization to my monthly bill and am donating to you. Thank you for your work, it is truly amazing and all animals deserve respect. My daughter would like to distribute your pamphlets at her school. Thank you and all the very best...”


A big Thank You to Nikki Benson and others like her who have jointed the fight against factory farming and to Eileen Chapman, and Janine and Kerry Nash for organising such a successful demo.


DAFF attempts to obfuscate the truth!

Don’t allow the poultry industry to hide its cruel treatment of laying hens from the consuming public any longer!

The poultry industry would like consumers to stay ignorant, docile and to buy blind! 

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) in apparent co-operation with the SA battery egg industry, has called for comment to an amended draft of labelling regulations - which obfuscate the truth!


Speak up now for SA’s 25 million laying hens who will never experience anything but misery, torment and pain.


Dear Supporters,

While just-released draft amendments to labelling regulations make provision for battery eggs to be labelled ‘cage eggs’, shockingly, this identification is optional, voluntary and by no means obligatory!


So – the provision is just window-dressing!

Instead, further down in the document, draconian measures are set out whereby any claim on any carton of eggs – be they organic or free range - that refers to the humane treatment of the hens such as ‘pasture fed’ or ‘antibiotic free’ or ‘cage free’ is prohibited!

Please see Compassion SA’s letter to DAFF

In addition to the above email, sent on the 9th of June 2015, please see below further correspondence with Ms Matlou Setati sent on 18th June 2015:


Dear Ms Setati,

Kindly confirm receipt of this email.

Further to our submission below, Compassion in World Farming (SA) would like to add the following:

In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, South African consumers...

  • Have the right to choose (we believe this requires labelling that enables a consumer to make an informed choice).

  • Have the right to disclosure of information (we believe the obligatory labelling of egg cartons regarding whether eggs are Cage, Barn, Free Range or Organic, is an essential element of disclosure of information).

  • Have the right to fair and responsible marketing (we believe fair and responsible treatment of consumers in terms of marketing requires full disclosure, as requested, of ‘method of production’).


Furthermore...   According to the Consumer Protection Act, the aims of the Act include:

  • Provision for improved standards of consumer information and the prohibition of unfair marketing and business practices. (We suggest that non-disclosure of ‘method of production’ of eggs from battery cages  - which is an option set out in the draft regulation R.725 - is a deliberate attempt on the part of the poultry industry, in co-operation with the Department of Agriculture, to keep consumers in the dark regarding the world-wide outcry against conventional battery cages for laying hens and the banning of conventional battery cages in many countries around the world.)


Furthermore...   Compassion in World Farming (SA) believes that the deliberate hiding of the truth regarding the source of eggs, by making labelling such as ‘cage eggs’ optional, is unconscionable.The Consumer Protection Act defines ‘unconscionable’ as being ‘unethical or improper to a degree that would shock the conscience of a reasonable person.’


Thank you for adding these comments to our submission.

Kind regards, Louise van der Merwe

Director in South Africa: Compassion in World Farming

We urge you to please to write a courteous letter to Ms Matlou Setati at

Subject: Department of Agriculture on the labelling of eggs.


Please say how shocked we are that grown men and women will resort to subterfuge to obfuscate the truth about the suffering of laying hens. Prohibiting marketing claims such as ‘pasture fed’, ‘cage free’ or ‘antibiotic free’, in our view, is subterfuge, obfuscation of the truth and a violation of our Consumer Right to Transparency! If the amendment is ratified as is, we will have no option but to take this matter further in law.