Teaching a culture of non violence

Reaching for a new level of conciousness

Teachers Guide

This guide is curriculum compliant and includes activities and lesson plans that can be used by Life Skills and Life Orientation teachers in

Grades R – 7 to fulfil specific topics as set out in the curriculum.


Although additional resources can always be ordered from Humane Education, the Teacher’s Guide is sufficiently comprehensive to stand on its own.

Humane Education develops core values for creating a responsible caring society


Price: R250.00 including VAT and postage.

To order your copy, please pay with Givengain or SnapScan

Once payment has been made, please send proof of payment and your postal address to avoice@yebo.co.za

To create a generation of informed consumers who can make a difference to the lives of animals, we need to build awareness in today’s learners.


To view Humane Educations’s catalogue of resources and price list, click here.


Special prices are available for bulk orders.

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