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Canadian newspaper gives front page coverage likening an animal activist to Nelson Mandela

The Toronto Pig Save trial received front page coverage in Canada's National Post on Friday,  March 10, with the headline "Pig activist like Gandhi or Mandela, says lawyer".

Here are excerpts from the story:


"A trial for a woman charged with giving water to a pig on its way to slaughter took on grand proportions Thursday with the treatment of pigs equated to the extermination of Jews in Nazi Germany and the accused being compared to some of history's greatest human rights champions: Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Susan B. Anthony.


"In making closing submissions in the case against Anita Krajnc, who is charged with mischief after giving a roadside drink to a pig packed in a truck outside a Burlington slaughterhouse in 2015, her lawyer Gary Grill evoked the Holocaust."


Outside the court Grill commented on the Holocaust comparison:

"There are many important parallels that we can draw from the two things.

One is our inability to have emotional contagion, somehow. Why don't we feel the suffering of others? How do we close ourselves out to that, whether it be Jews being herded into a train or whether it be pigs?"


We read:

"In his no-holds-barred defence, Grill summarized testimony from the five days of evidence that factory farming damages the environment and that 'bacon is potentially lethal' and that feeding bacon to a child is child abuse."


And we learn:

"Instead of merely asking the judge to acquit Krajnc on a paucity of evidence brought by the Crown of any harm stemming from her actions, Grill encouraged the judge to strike a legal precedent - to accept her actions were justified for the public good."

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Animal Voice thanks Karen Dawn of DawnWatch  for alerting us to this story!