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For helping us achieve BETTER LIVES for animals, 

we thank you!

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Dear Supporters,


2016! What a momentous year it’s been thanks to every one of you who has

supported our efforts!   Here’s a breakdown of some of what your support

has enabled us to do.


Humane Ethics and Animal Rights Academy

The Department of Agriculture in the Western Cape, based at Elsenburg near Stellenbosch,  has asked us to put together a module on Animal Rights  that could potentially be added to the syllabus of veterinary students. This sparked us into action to develop an on-line registered  accreditation course in Human Ethics and Animal Rights which we will launch in early 2017.


We hope to adapt it later, for teachers,  high school learners, social workers and others.


Cage Free South Africa

With the endorsement of Cape Town Tourism, restaurants and hotels are enthusiastically signing the pledge to use only cage-free eggs in all their meals. Special thanks to Ninette Tarlton for achieving so many pledges! And now, the move to cage-free has started in Durban (thanks to Jo Reynolds),  and Johannesburg too!


Cage Free Challenge

See our Cage Free Challenge to Pick n Pay, Shoprite/Checkers and Spar to join the move to responsible and caring consumerism. 

"WE CHALLENGE Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers and Spar to give battery eggs the boot by making 2017 the year of the big phase-out of this unrelenting torture and misery for laying hens." 

This video follows McDonalds' agreement to a phase out

of battery eggs after extreme efforts by ourselves, CIWF HQ, Greater Than, Owl, and others. 


Breeding sows too are emerging gradually from their horrendous crates

Better lives for pigs

A measure of freedom for pregnant pigs is becoming a reality.

Our unrelenting push for better lives is paying off.


Dog Fighting Must Fall

Our Anti Dog fighting workshops were a huge success and wonderfully received by social workers and teachers.  Our workshops will continue in 2017.


We could not have done these workshops without the funding of our supporters. 

In search of Empathy Humane Education Workshops

We are thrilled to announce new hands on deck - 

  • Precious Ncayiyana - our in-house bloggist on nutrition with wells of valuable information

  • Joy Rosario - previously with National Department of Basic Education and now instructional designer, developing Humane Education e-courses 

  • Dumisani Nana - columnist for a community newspaper, helping us spread the word about the horrors of factory farming


New hands on deck!

Precious Ncayiyana 
Joy Rosario
Dumisani Nana


Humane Education Resources

2016 also saw a fast growing awareness of our Humane Education resources for schools and their popularity around the country has  gained traction. In 2016, these resources have been used in:


Schools in Greyton (thanks to Greyton Transition Town)

Mannenburg (thanks to Mannenburg Pets)

Robertson (thanks to Wendy Botha)

Eerste River (thanks to HOD Teacher Vivienne Rutgers at Forest Heights Primary School)

Hanover Park (thanks to the NGO Community Action towards a Safer Environment (CASE)

Spurwing Primary

Nokuphila Primary (thanks to Love Trust)

Swan Prep School

Aspiranze Primary

ITEC Library Centre (thanks to Angela Tuson)


And the following book-sellers have brought us very valued orders:

Sherin Books and Charts (check)

Basically Books

AFRO School Suppliers

Sharp Kidz Edubooks




Friends dont Bite

One of our resources – a comic for teenagers called

Friends don’t Bite which highlights the care of dogs in three up-beat stories – has been selected by the following organisations for distribution around Africa as part of rabies control:

Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC)

Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON) Steering Committee

The World Health Organization has bought the rights to this comic book. 

We feel privileged to be part of a cause that is so fundamental to human integrity and dignity.   

With your help our reach, our influence for a kinder world is growing.

Your support is vital and valued beyond measure.

Warm regards for the festive season,  

Louise  and Kelly



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