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 The sentient nature of all animals, whether wild or domesticated,

should remain free from pain, cruelty and abuse.

Animal-Voice's major campaigns target the most prolific offenders of animal cruelty.

Explore the issues we focus on to improve the lives of animals.

As a leading advocate for the transformation of global food systems, Philip Lymbery, our patron and Global Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming, has been appointed  ‘champion’ representative for the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021, to be held later this year.


The Humane Education Trust is privileged to have Philip Lymbery, global CEO of Compassion in World Farming, as our patron. Leader of the world’s pre-eminent farmed animal welfare organization, he is a prolific commentator on all things humane. His books include the best-seller, Farmageddon – the true cost of cheap meat, as well as Farmageddon in Pictures and Dead Zone – Where the wild things were. Philip has dedicated his life to achieving a more compassionate world for farmed animals, people and the planet. We are indeed proud to call him our Patron. https://www.ciwf.org.uk/  https://philiplymbery.com/

Louise van der Merwe, Director of Animal Voice and Caring Classrooms, was privileged to be selected as a panellist in the global discussion, on 15 January 2021, as to why the United Nations should adopt UNCAHP. If you didn’t manage to watch, you can see an unedited version here: Global Research Network's YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/xZIxZPB2uXo?t=4702

The Centre for Animal Law Studies in the USA is now accepting Animal Law LLM Program applications for the 2021-22 academic year. The application window closes Feb. 1, 2021.

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Animal Voice is a non profit organisation and relies solely on donations & sponsorship. With your support we can accomplish so much more

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Caring Classrooms provides a trove of resources for teachers, learners and parents!
Resources include, books, games, posters, puppets, teaching guides and more. We also offer a SACE accredited online course worth 10 CPTD points for teachers.
Membership is available too, allowing access to interactive online activities and extra resources. To find out more on membership, click here.

Taking learners to a new level of conciousness

The Humane Education Trust is committed to promoting values in education through literacy and Life Orientation. By rekindling the spirit of care and respect for life, learners find a new sense of self-esteem and confidence. They begin to understand that only through their own individual actions can they begin to lay claim to their constitutional right to human dignity.

Compassion in World Farming (SA)

Focuses on the welfare of farmed animals.

We work  at government and retail level to achieve improvements for farmed animals and put an end to cruel factory farming. We create awareness about industrialised farming, empowering consumers  to make a difference through their buying power. We engage industry, farmer organizations and retailers in finding solutions and alternatives to the inhumane system of factory farming.

Animal Voice magazine  

is a voice for the voiceless.  We expose the truth behind animal injustices in South Africa, as well as shine a light on the brave activists who  make a difference  to the lives of animals.  Animal Voice is the only national magazine in South Africa dedicated to achieving better lives for farmed animals through consumer awareness and their buying power.

Featured Videos

PIGS -  some facts on South African factory farms

2 808 000 young pigs are slaughtered annually in South Africa. 
Take a look at some of the harrowing facts around South African pig factory farms.  Production by Compassion in World Farming South Africa and Animal Voice.  

Broiler Chicks South Africa - Baby Frankenstein


why do 1 in 4 South Africans still go to bed hungry?

1 in 4 South Africans suffer from hunger on a regular basis and is a constant risk factor for more than half the population. Ironically, South Africa is considered to be a food secure nation, why then do 1 in 4 go to bed hungry?  -- Click to watch video

There is only one struggle

Over time we have seen the tragic moral consequences of discrimination, yet we perpetuate the most morally reprehensible discrimination of all - against those who are at our mercy. And the struggle continues because morality cannot be achieved at all if animals are excluded from our circle of concern.
Production - The Humane Education Trust  -- Click to watch video

Human Ethics and Animal Rights

an on-line certification course of relevance to students of  veterinary science, social science, philosophy, animal welfare, educators and anyone else who would like a thorough understanding of the Animal Rights Movement, particularly in the South African context. ...

Animal Voice Magazine 

November 2020

Issue 85

Our Latest Animal Voice Magazine Is Out!

Giving Animals a Voice


Is the next pandemic on our plate?

Is the next pandemic on our plate? Compassion in World Farming headquarters’ Policy Document on COVID-19 spells out why, if humanity is to survive, we must move to healthy, regenerative, socially just, humane food systems as a matter of urgency.


2020 is the start of a decade in which healing the world becomes everyone’s priority

A good place to begin is with the animals in our care. To this end, The Humane Education Trust invites South African schools to help build a kinder society by teaching learners the Five Freedoms for Animals 

Selected for procurement by the Gauteng Department of Education 

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Dear Friends,

Amid all the multitude of horrors imposed on our animal kin, 2019 has nevertheless been a year of significant progress. I list some of the highlights in the ACHIEVEMENTS LETTER.  With your immensely valued support, we will keep up the momentum and go from strength to strength in 2020

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Millions of laying hens in South Africa are set to spend the next 20 years in tiny battery cages with a space allowance the size of a pair of shoe prints – for life.  This follows an in-house resolution passed by the South African Poultry Association (SAPA) at its last congress, to allow a space allowance of just 450 sq cm per hen until 1 January 2039.  

"Cages are cruel and cause immeasurable suffering to laying hens"  

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See a synopsis

of proceedings

at the SABS



7th November 2019

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See Open letter to 

Dr Botlhe  Modisane: Chief Director, Animal Production and Health, Department of Agriculture, Forestry

and Fisheries.

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Abolish cages for laying hens 2019

See  Louise van der Merwe 


on Smile904.FM Radio

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Educating our learners for a kinder world

South African learners deserve to know about the important issues of animal welfare currently under discussion at The World Organisation for Animal Health

For the months of November and December, these two books are available at the excellent cost price of R60.00 each (VAT and postage inclusive)

Early Childhood Development

The first seven years of childhood are believed to be the most important,

with lifetime implications for emotional health and personal success.

A bumper issue of Animal Voice featuring significant progress for the animals, is out!


so you can read or download each article, or view the full magazine. 


Thank your invaluable ongoing support.

The Animal Voice Team

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The brutality experienced in the world today resides in the human heart – the very place that education, to date, has marginalised because the development of EQ is seen as a ‘soft’ subject, unlike science, technology, mathematics and robotics.


Society has paid the cruel price of a global education system that for generations has viewed gentleness as weakness, selfishness as realism, compassion as a liability ...  READ MORE


Louise van der Merwe, managing trustee of The Humane Education Trust, was privileged to be invited to present our humane education work at the Sixth Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School between 21 – 24 July this year. The focus this time: Humane Education - Increasing Sensitivity to Animals and Humans.