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14th June 2024

International Ban Live Exports Day

On this day, let us remember that the exportation of live animals to slaughter in foreign countries is driven to a great extent by the demand for religious slaughter.

Animal Voice calls on Governments to follow the Australian example whereby the export of live animals to slaughter will be phased out over four years and replaced by the shipment of chilled or frozen meat, which is slaughtered in the home country in accordance with religious practices. One of the most egregious examples of humankind’s excess in its imposition of needless suffering on animals took place in April 2024 when the Bahijah live-stock carrier shipped 16 000 cattle and sheep on a journey to slaughter from Australia to Israel. The distance travelled from departure to arrival was more than the mileage of the circumference of the Earth at the equator.

Malcolm Plant, founder of the World Link Coalition of which

The Humane Education Trust is a member, has noted:

“The Ultimate Paradox! The scientific reality is that religious traditions and practices in the name of a God of Love can destroy empathy, compassion and kindness which are the essential component parts of Love.”

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The mighty power which has been given with GC26 is ours to use... or ignore !

'Tomorrow' depends on that choice !

What we do

This site reflects the evolution in a South African context of our immense endeavour to achieve a measure of justice for animals over a period of more than 3 decades.  

Please support our efforts to help make a difference in the lives of animals so they can live free from cruelty and neglect.

For more than 30 years, the content of Animal Voice remained free and active, thanks to patronage from readers and supporters.

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If helping animals is important to you, consider a bequest to Animal Voice in your will. It’s one of the most effective ways to ensure you can continue to help animals for years to come. Below is suggested wording that you can use in your will:

“I will give to The Humane Education Trust the sum of (amount) to be used to education for awareness of the plight of animals and the need to set matters aright..”


Help give animals a voice

The battle continues...

voice your objection by signing our petitions.


Laying Hens

trapped in battery cages

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The first in South Africa to call for the Rights of Animals
Published 02 June 2024

Please read the latest article on Philip Lymbery featured in the Daily Maverick

Published 31 May 2024

Animal Voice engages
Dr Mphane Molefe

Director: Veterinary Public Health Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
on the question of long distance transport to slaughter

Published 21 May 2024


Dr Molefe's reply
23 May 2024

Animal Voice's reply
23 May 2024

Dr Molefe's reply
24 May 2024

Please share your comments on living animals exported to slaughter

We value your comments which will be presented to Government in due course

en route mauritius.jpg

Long distance transport to slaughter
Published 21 May 2024

WWCompassionAward_Louise, Zyda, Philip & Latiefa final.jpg

Woolworths' contribution to animal welfare
Published 20 May 2024


Australia: Live sheep export will end in 4 years
Published 16 May 2024

taste 2_edited.jpg

Philip Lymbery tasting cultivated meatballs
Published 12 May 2024



Animal horror on 'death ship' from Brazil
Published 19 February 2024

bahijah ship.jpg

Floating feedlot Bahijah
Published 08 March 2024






























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