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Free Range Chicken Farm

A phase-out of cruel battery cages for laying hens is dismissed
by the South African egg industry as a step only the Western world can afford to take. 

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However, activists in several countries around Africa are taking up the cudgels on behalf of the hens too, and recently gathered for a strategy meeting in Zimbabwe:


As South African farmers suffer the horrendous loss of flocks due to over-heating as a result of load-shedding and faulty generators, now is the time to change to barn eggs and join New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Israel and other countries in a phase-out of cages.   

Voice your objection
by signing our petition


We, your customers, appeal for supermarket support in phasing out eggs laid by hens cruelly confined in battery cages.
We appeal for supermarkets to assist the transition away from cage-eggs by replacing them with barn eggs, clearly labelled as ‘barn eggs’, as a matter of urgency.

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A tray of 30 barn eggs is the same price as
12 battery cage eggs

Kindly submit your details here:

Hens are intelligent and social creatures who deserve to live their lives free from suffering.

Please see our campaign to
end the torment
of South Africa’s laying hens



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is in negotiations with the
South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
regarding new standards to prioritise the welfare of chickens.
Negotiations are on-going and 
we’ll keep you posted!

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