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Help give animals a voice

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Help bring an end to live transport of animals to slaughter


Object to the callous treatment of laying hens


Sheep search for shade in each other's shadows

All who work towards a better world

Right now, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt, world leaders are meeting to discuss the future of our planet. But they’re still not facing up to the devastating effects of factory farming. The global food system is harming animals, damaging human health, and fuelling the climate crisis. This cannot go on. We need international political action to transform the future of our food. That’s why Compassion in World Farming South Africa is launching a global campaign for a United Nations agreement to end factory farming.


Please sign the petition HERE


Justice for Maggie the baboon!

Animal rights activists want a Constantia property owner to be charged and prosecuted for shooting a young adult female baboon last week that was on his property. The baboon, called Maggie, was humanely euthanised due to her serious injuries. X-rays showed pellets in both legs from previous incidents in the area. And in this case a bullet had  paralysed her immediately but did not kill her. She tried to drag herself, with the help of another pregnant female, to safety. 

Image by Diane Picchiottino

Octopus massacre - next steps...

Scientists are outraged by plans for the world’s first octopus farm, which would see a million of these highly intelligent creatures crammed into tiny tanks every year, and then killed painfully by being frozen alive.


Plans for this giant octopus torture chamber have been submitted to local authorities in Spain.



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