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We thank the United Nations for taking the momentous stride forward whereby the decent treatment of animals has been brought directly into the domain of Human Rights.

In terms of the Rights of the Child GC26, no child may be 

exposed to violence, be it domestic, societal or against an animal.

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Steven Wise, Champion of Animal Rights, Is Dead at 73

Steven M. Wise, a pioneering animal rights lawyer who gave voice to clients unable to testify on their own behalf, demanding the same moral and legal entitlements as their owners, keepers and custodians, died on Feb. 15 at his home in Coral Springs, Fla. He was 73.

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Professor David Bilchitz

is Professor of Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Law at the University of Johannesburg, Professor of Law at the University  of Reading, UK, and Director of the South African Institute for Advanced  Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law.


Will Africa’s elephants help lead the way to basic rights for nonHumans?

If retired Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron’s

legal arguments hold sway, they may well…

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From the archives...

JR Dendy Young

1907 - 1998


Is our savage treatment of animals like the curse of the albatross on our modern civilisation?

See what lawyer Noël Sweeney says:

Below is a further extract from an article authored by British lawyer Noël Sweeney on why the historic addendum to the Rights of the Child sets the pace going forward.


Searching for our feral Soul

by Noël Sweeney 

Granting animal rights will in turn strengthen human rights. Ultimately the fate of animals and us is inextricably linked. In the mystery of living, our destinies are interdependent and inter-related and interwoven. This self-evident truth should be reflected in our mirror of morality which is our Law.


Animals are entitled by virtue of being alive and sentient, to protection within the mantle of law. It is not that they breathe the same air as us that matters, but that they breathe to have life. Justice for animals is rooted in their very existence.

Our Law is shamed by its innate myopia in failing to respect animals, and the international community should hang their heads in shame.


Jurisprudentially, a legal system that fails to protect vulnerable victims promotes the letter and spirit of injustice. In facing that charge, our Law has provided the evidence to find itself ‘Guilty’.

Read Noël Sweeney’s article in full on his website

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