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Children in Mauritius witness the grotesque killing of a shackled South African bull while another awaits his turn

cattle trucked.jpg

South African cattle on ship to Mauritius and trucked out of Port Louis…

live slaughter.jpg

to their final destination

Photographs reveal that South Africa’s trade in live animals to slaughter in foreign countries reflects a flagrant disregard for the United Nations’ Right of the Child to be protected from violence inflicted on animals.

Other countries are already aligning with GC26. For example:

May 2024:

Spain scraps its annual 30 000 euro government bull-fighting award in compliance with a new understanding of animal welfare.

May 2024:

Italy approves a law against the exposure of minors to violence against animals and makes this offence part of ‘serious forms of prejudice’ in its Anti-bullying legislation.

In compliance with the strict obligations

imposed on member states by GC26, 

The Humane Education Trust calls on the

South African government to bring an end

to long-distance transport of live animals to slaughter in favour of chilled and frozen meat.

Screenshot 2024-05-19 132639.png

Help bring an end  
to live transport of animals to slaughter 

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